The Bicycle Ride Of Your Life.

A bicycle ride can be smooth and enjoyable or bumpy and uncomfortable. Although the terrain plays a role, much depends on the bicycle. Every cycling enthusiast knows that if any part of the bicycle becomes bent or out of alignment, this will impact the ride. Therefore, concentrating all efforts on frantic pedaling is not always an effective use of time.

A bicycle has an Operating System that makes the Wheels turn. If the Operating System is faulty or misaligned, the Wheels will not turn well, even if they themselves are fine. On the other hand, if the Wheels are not 'true', it doesn't matter how good the Operating System is, the potential for a smooth ride will be compromised.

But why am I talking about bicycles?

Well, while trying not to sound trite, I think that life has a lot in common with a Bicycle Ride. Additionally, since Champion cyclists do specific things to optimise their chances of #Winning, those of us desiring to be Champions in life, can learn much from examining what they do. 

Champions take regular planned breaks.

Watch any cycling event and you will note that Champion cyclists take regular planned breaks to check that everything is in alignment. They make sure that nothing foreign has made its way into the Operating System - that it (including the component of self) is oiled, and that no spokes have become bent to threaten the efficient turning of the wheels. This is standard procedure. You will never hear a Champion Cyclist say "I'm too busy to take a break. I have to  keep pedaling."

So, let's go a little deeper into the bicycle analogy and see how success in this activity, mirrors success in our personal life journey. Incidentally, cycling success does not necessarily mean winning the Tour de France or any other race. It can simply be getting to where we want to go, in the shortest time possible, while using the least amount of energy, and enjoying the landscape. Regardless, the process is the same.

The Operating System

A. You

B. Your Destination/Life Mission

C. Your Core Values

D. Your Beliefs - about Yourself, Others and Life.

You and the several 'parts' of you are a central component of the Operating System of your Life.

A - You

  • Spiritual Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Financial Health

Questions to ask:

Where do I want to go/achieve and why?

What would success be for me?

Logic dictates that your health in each of these areas will impact either positively or negatively on the Operating System. So wouldn't it be practical to 'stop pedaling' occasionally and do a health check in each area?

Questions to ask:

How aligned is this area with my Life Mission, Core Values and Beliefs?

What one simple action could I take today to enhance or maintain health in this area, so I could better fulfill my Life Mission?

B - Destination/Life Mission

 How would I describe my Life Mission?

Are my day to day activities aligned with what I 'say' I want?

If not, why not?

What one simple action could I take today to become more aligned?

C - Core Values.

Questions to ask:

  • What really are my Core Values? (examples - integrity, loyalty.)
  • How am I demonstrating them in my day to day activity?

D - Beliefs about Self and Others

Questions to ask:

  • What are my beliefs about myself? (example - I'm good at ....but not good at....)
  • What are my beliefs about others? (example - you can't trust people)
  •  Is this 'true' or simply a 'thought' leading to a 'perception' and 'judgement' that is based on past experiences or environmental programming? (Family, culture etc.)
  • Does this belief align with and support my Life Mission?

Remember, If any of these are out of alignment, the Operating System will not operate smoothly to turn the wheel. (Hint. If you find yourself wondering why you have goals that you don't achieve, check your beliefs and how they may be working against you.)

A bicycle wheel has Spokes that help support its circular shape.

The Spokes represent: The Areas of your life that make up Your Life.
If they are straight, your life will move forward but if any one of them is bent, your progress will be hindered.

 Your Life Spokes

  • Relationships - Personal and Work.
  • Work/Career Goals
  • Personal Goals

Questions to ask:

  • Do my relationships align with my Mission and Core values?
  • Do my Work/Career Goals align with my Mission and Core values?
  • What one simple action could I take today, in each of the above areas to straighten the Spoke? 
  • How would this action help me feel more more 'on track' and keep my Wheels moving forward in the direction I want to go, instead of allowing the terrain (other people and their agendas) to 'bend my wheels'?

In Summary: 

How often do people 'Stop pedaling' and take off the 'Busy badge' that society dictates we wear?  Usually it takes a health crisis or similar to give them permission, for fear they might be considered lazy or even unnecessary? Shouldn't we stop this craziness and examine just what we are 'Busy' doing?

Yes, this exercise will take time. You probably won't complete it in one sitting. However, in the longterm it will save you time and energy, just as the planned breaks that Champions take, actually help them to reach the finishing line faster.

During your Champion Break, you will be able to check whether or not you are moving forward towards your Life Mission in the fastest way possible with your Operating System intact and your Wheels 'true'. Be assured that 'doing it or not doing it', will impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Please...., stop pedaling and take a break!

Remember, we are talking about "The Bicycle Ride Of Your Life."

Written with love from a fellow cyclist.


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