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Does Everyone You Know, Know Everything You Do?

  That might seem a strange question to have as the title of an article, but as is usually the case with anything I write about, it was initiated by something that happened. A few days ago, I had a whatsapp conversation with a lovely lady who was in one of my courses, some years ago and continues to be on my email list. We had worked together for a week on her English and I remember her commenting on my editing ability, while we prepared a presentation she was to give. As in her mind, she no doubt viewed me as an English teacher with translating and editing skills, imagine her surprise the other day when I related an experience of a very experienced consultant coming to me, after having been to 20+ interviews, going through my career course and being offered a position at the very next interview! Do you see the connection to the question in the title? No doubt, you know many people who really have little idea of what you do in your work, or who are only aware of the tiny part they have

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